Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Humbling Spiritual Experience at Liberty Jail

Met with Murphey....what an awesome guy

Zone training was super sweet this week and the missionaries really enjoyed the letter activity.
One of the missionaries came up to me afterwards and said, 
"That was the coolest experience of my mission."

Here are the details of that activity.....We held Zone Training at the 
Liberty Jail. 
I introduced that, as Zone Leaders, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for all the missionaries in our zone. 
I then handed them each their sealed letters that 
I had requested from their parents. 
We then all walked into the part of the Liberty Jail where 
the Prophet Joseph Smith went through many anguishing trials 
while innocently jailed 
during the winter months from 1 Dec 1838 - 6 Apr 1839 
in this dark, cold, dungeon of a room where we were standing.
I related it to trials we face as missionaries while encouraging them that 
there are so many people supporting them. 
I then invited them to read their letters and then say a 
silent, personal prayer of gratitude afterwards. 

It was definitely a sweet and spiritual experience and there was a lot of emotion in the room. 
You could tell that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone 
in that room so very much. 
He has blessed us all with families and friends that love and support us. Missionary work isn't always the easiest thing, 
but it's probably the most rewarding.
The joy that comes from sharing the Gospel is so amazing 
and it's hard to know what it feels like until you experience it.  
I love being able to do these kinds of activities and to do all of the Zone trainings. It's the coolest thing ever when you find out afterward that it really helped someone or someone was able to receive an answer they needed. 
I definitely feel blessed with the areas I have served in and the responsibilities that I have had on my mission. 
They are such awesome learning experiences and 
they bring joy in so many different ways:).

I invite you to keep searching for opportunities to share the love of God with someone. It will bless their life more than you know!

With Love, Elder Odland

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