Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year 2017 and New Companion

Elder Odland and his new companion Elder Slesk

Sooo we had transfers this last week and Elder Kelly got shipped off to Lenexa and my new companion is Elder Slesk.  :D    He is a really cool guy from Washington state! 
I've never served with anyone from Washington haha ;p  But he is really cool and 
I’m looking forward to this transfer!

Elder Slesk had a family from his past area that was sealed in the Temple this past Friday! 
So I got to go to the temple with them and see the sealing! 
It was so awesome! 
The temple president did an awesome job during the sealing which really invited the spirit. 
I hope my sealing is an awesome spiritual experience like that!  :D.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! 
Ours was pretty fun! 
We had Tony come out with us for about 2 hours! He is a pretty cool kid. 
He's preparing to go on a mission in the summer so we are giving him all the practice we can!  :)    But we met two new people that day and were able to teach them about some sweet things.
 So Hopefully we will be able to go back and meet with them again! 
We also had a lesson with James and Sivita. They really want to learn more and find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true, but they just haven't been reading it lately.
Hopefully this week they will find an answer  :).   
After our lesson, we got a call from the Theime family saying they have a bunch of spare food 
and want us to come over to eat some of it!  ;p   and of course we couldn't turn down free food! haha, so we went over and enjoyed some yummy food and sparkling cider! 
It was a good little New Year's Eve party.  :D.

On the day of transfers a member took us out to lunch and took us to Big T's Barbecue. 
It was soooo good! I pounded soo much food haha I was stuffed! 
And then afterwards he took us past the Union station and let us run in real quick to look around! 
It was so cool inside! And it is huge! So, I got a few pictures in there then he showed us a couple other cool things and then finished the trip off with Christopher Elbow... which is a chocolate store. And its like super expensive chocolate! The pieces of chocolate that you could choose looked like little glass pieces of art! And they tasted amazingggg! But 12 pieces
of the chocolate cost as much as the big BBQ dinner we had just prior... It was insane! 
But delicious haha:)

Overall this week has been great! 
Change is good and it keeps me on my toes! I hope you all have made some sweet goals for 2017, because I know some awesome things are going to come this year!

Keep on lovin life!

Elder Odland

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