Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"What We Insistently Desire over time, is what we will Eventually Become and what we will Receive in Eternity."

I Love Service Projects

Something I have really been pondering this last week is the topic of the true desire of our hearts and how that effects who we become.
About 6 months ago, sister Crockett, out in Olathe, gave a training on this topic at zone training and I’m pretty sure I’ve gone over those notes like 10 times 
this past week alone! 

"What we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become and what we will receive in eternity." 
What happens in our life is because of the desire of our hearts, if we truly desire something we will do what is sufficient to achieve our desire. 
Our Heavenly Father wants to bless us, but we just need to do our part by praying, asking and acting. 
(Check out Alma 29:4-5)

This week was a nice exciting week! We had some great changes that
came to our missionary life!

So this week we had zone conference where we watched another world wide mission broadcast!  They taught us some awesome stuff and changed a lot of things that affect our day to day missionary life.
Now we have a lot more flexibility with our daily schedule, so instead of being told exactly when to do things, you can make a schedule that best fits you. 
There are still things you must do each day, like study and plan, but you have the option to do it during a time that best fits! 
I am so happy for this change because that old schedule was wearing on me. 
But now it’s awesome, we wake up at 6am and have personal study and plan a little and then we go workout at 7:30.
It works with my body soo much better and I get such a better workout now :D

They also changed the indicators that we report so now we only report on baptisms, people coming to church, new people we begin teaching, 
and people with a baptism date. 
I think this is an awesome change because we will get missionaries to work out of motivation  to truly help people and not just get numbers. 
So, I’m super excited with these changes. 
It's taking a little bit of getting used to but it’s great!

Kimberly, the lady we met last week and who also came to church, is doing well!  More things in her life are going wrong but she is staying strong spiritually. 
She is beginning to recognize the promptings of the spirit more in her life and she knows that he is telling her when she is doing something that she shouldn't. She has such a sincere desire to change and progress. It has been hard to meet with her frequently this week because she has had a lot of work come up.
But she keeps in touch with us daily which is all a missionary can ask for haha. 
I’m super excited to continue meeting with her!

This sunday we are starting something new with our ward! 
We got those wrist bands that you get from like a skate rink or trampoline park and we gave each member one to put names of people that they would like to pray for. And the purpose of doing this is so that they will be able to see the names of real people that they can 
pray for and help throughout the week. 
The ward really liked it and we will see how it evolves!:D

Everything is going great! I’m having fun and am enjoying our new
pday schedule which starts at 8am instead of the usual 10am. 
More time more fun!:D

Hope your week is awesome.
With Love, Elder Odland

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