Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Christmas Skyping with the Family

This week has been really fun! 
We were able to meet with some members this week and they 
are always so awesome to us! 
We had some delicious desert at the Moananu's house on Christmas Eve :D. They are a super nice family that we visit each week.
A lot of our lessons that we had scheduled this week fell through but 
I feel like we were still able to have an enjoyable week:). 
I went on two exchanges this week and had an awesome time with 
Elder Haderlie and Elder Fowlks. 
Elder Haderlie and I spent a lot of time contacting some
potential people to teach that they had in their area book, and we
ended up looking all through downtown Kansas City. 
It was pretty fun!
I got along really well with Elder Haderlie making it a nice relaxing
exchange. :)  Elder Fowlks and I had a great time in our area as well. 
We tried to see a bunch of people with a member named Josh. 
No one was home that day... or at least they weren't answering.  :-D 
But near the end of the day we had an awesome dinner 
with the Andrade Family!! 
They came up to Raytown bearing gifts and took us to Applebees! 
It was so nice of them and I had such a great time! 
It was the best to see them again!  :) 
They are one of those families that I will never forget! 
Andrade Family

That day we also went and visited someone in the hospital 
that was having some problems and thought she would be 
in the hospital for Christmas.
But we went over and shared a message with her and gave her a blessing 
and she was actually able to make it home on Christmas Eve! 
She was so happy to be home for Christmas!  :)
Johnston Family

Christmas morning we had an awesome breakfast at the Johnston's home!
The sister missionaries came too and we all had a great time! 
They gave us all gifts that we opened there. 
I got some sweet batman socks and a neat tie! Haha. 
The ward here has treated us so well, especially during the holidays. :D  
After breakfast we went up to church and had probably one
of the best Sunday services that I have been to! 
There was a lot of musical performances and the spirit was very strong. :) 
And then we got a few more assorted gifts from other members!
I don’t know where I would be
without all of the kind people out here. It definitely makes the time
away from home a lot easier.  :)
I am definitely happy to be a missionary! 
Being able to help people and put a smile on someone's face 
is honestly the best.

And I was able to Skype my parents yesterday and 
that was the cherry on top of my week! 
I love and appreciate my family so much. 
They give me strength and motivation, I love and care for them so much! 
And next Christmas we will have a blast celebrating together.  :D

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and are 
looking forward to this new year! 
Great things are to come! 

With Love, Elder Odland

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