Monday, January 23, 2017

I know Heavenly Father is Aware of Our Situation

I had another great week out here in Raytown :). We got to start off

the week with interviews with President Vest, which went very well!
And then went out, with a member, and ate some Square Pizza out on the
Independence Square. The food was super good and it also was Elder
Slesk's Birthday!! So the member got him some chocolates and a card! 
Sweet. :)

Happy Birthday Elder Slesk.

Wednesday we went to two district meetings and they were both super
awesome! They helped me see what I needed to work on and also helped
me feel as though I have been doing things right. 
One of the district leaders had
the missionaries share things they liked about zone training and it
was really cool to see that the trainings Elder Slesk and I gave were
able to bless the lives of the missionaries in so many different ways:). 
It’s so awesome to have the opportunity to help others, and in
the process it helps me. I’m so grateful for the lessons that I've been
able to learn and that I am still learning. 
I know that Heavenly Father is fully aware of our situations 
and knows what we need. 
He puts us in situations that teach us the skills and lessons that we 
need. And through that process he gives us chances to
bless others with those skills we develope. Heavenly Father is so
personable to us, sometimes the hardest part is recognizing that.
He truly does know you, and he's made a plan for you!

On Sunday, there was a potential ice storm and church throughout the
stake was cancelled. So, we wanted to try to do something for the
missionaries. So, we got permission from President Vest to give the
Sacrament to all of the missionaries. We held a mini Sacrament meeting
for all the missionaries in the zone! It was pretty cool! We had a few
talks and also a cool musical number by some of the elders.
It was a really spiritual meeting!
I wish we could do this every week.

Hope you have a great week.
With Love, Elder Odland

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