Saturday, December 10, 2016

Light the World

Hello!! Be sure to continue checking my blog, but this week I wanted
to send out an email to everyone!:D

This week has been a little hectic haha:p I only spent about 4 days in
my area this week! We had a lot of exchanges to do!

Earlier this week we where able to visit with a woman named Karinda,
she is currently disabled and cannot walk. So we visited her and
shared the new Christmas #LightTheWorld video and she really liked it!
Karinda used to be able to walk and she had a really successful hair
cutting shop, but she got sick and ended up paralyzed. It's hard to
see what it has put her through but she is a trooper and we try to
help her out as much as we can!

That same evening we went to a members house that is going through a
rough time right now. He is in the process of getting a divorce and he
is battling ptsd because of things his wife did. His life is literally
like something out of a movie where everything goes bad. I feel so bad
for him and feel so much love for him. We were able to give him a
blessing and he seems to be doing a lot better now! He bore his
testimony on sunday and it was really powerful! No matter how hard our
situations get, always stay focused on the savior and we can find

On Tuesday we had last minute exchange with the Assistants. I went to
their area and it was great! We had lunch with this really wealthy
member and he brought his non member friend! It was sweet! I got fish
and chips at this nice restaurant! It reminded me a lot of Maine
haha:D I could barely finish all of the food! We then had a lesson
with some boys that they were teaching and helped one of the boys pick
a date to be baptized! So that was awesome! Overall the exchange went
really well and Elder Katoa is an awesome missionary! I learn so much
when I am with him!

So we exchanged back Thursday evening and then immediately exchanged
with another companionship haha. I went with Elder Moorehouse. He is a
great elder and we had a great time working together. We had an
awesome lesson with a family and put the 3 boys of the family on date!
The boys were so excited to begin working towards baptism:). I love
seeing families get pumped about the gospel!

After that exchange I had a day in my normal area and then the next
day we went on another exchange haha. And all of these exchanges I
went to the other elders area. So it was super sweet to see how other
elders work and I learned a lot from them!

We had a great lesson with Michael this week, we took him to the
visitor center and had him watch God's Plan for His Family. It is a
great presentation that they have there that helps us realize the love
heavenly father has for us and our families. He really enjoyed it and
really felt the spirit! The Visitor Center is like the Best place to
take people!:D

So I had a pretty sweet week! Things are going great out here in
Raytown! And I got a new address since my last area, so here it is!
4324 Northern Ave. Apt 1034 Kansas City, MO 64133. I hope you are all
having a wonderful December! I’m super excited about Christmas and I
hope you all are as well! 

Love you all and Merry Christmas!
- Elder Odland

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