Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This last email Elder Odland didn't have a whole lot of time to email, but he was able to send some awesome pictures! Check them out!

My one month point....I have learned so much and have really grown spiritually and emotionally.
It is truly a wonderful thing to be able to serve a mission. 

I love The Gospel of Jesus Christ and want to share this joy with everyone. 

It rains a lot here in Mexico and when it rains it rains HARD. The thunder is amazing too.
Raining Hard In Mexico-Elder Hales and Elder Odland
 Learning the language is coming along very well.
Spanish Class-Elder Allen and Elder Odland
He has been such a great role model for me.
-Elder Hafen and Elder Odland
Elder Rio has been so great to get to know and to learn with.
-Elder Rio and Elder Odland
Elder Christopherson visited us this week. What an honor it was to be in the presence of an apostle and to hear his inspired words. I wish I had time to tell you all about it. But I can quickly say the Spirit was so strong with him. He is truly a man of God.

The Armor of Nephi
With Much Love,  Elder Odland  :)

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