Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last Day In CCM!

Hey Everyone!

Today (15 Sept 2015) is my last day at the CCM! The time here has gone by so fast! It is hard to believe that I have already been here for a month and a half! I have learned so much while I have been here and now I can give lessons about pretty much anything gospel related in Spanish! ...In its basic form haha, It's still difficult to discuss things in detail in Spanish but I will keep on learning when I am in Missouri! It will be such an awesome experience in Missouri!
I have loved my time here at the CCM! The teachers we had were amazing and they cared for us so much! They were more like part of our family because we spent so much time with them these past six weeks. They are doing amazing work here at the CCM and they work so hard, as well as all of the Missionaries here. I have met so many cool people during my time here!

Here are some of the missionaries in our zone. These guys were great to get to know and to learn with.

I have had so much fun here, and have learned how to work hard. Learning Spanish in six weeks isn't easy and it doesn't come quickly! ...but through prayer and hard work, each and everyone of us are now able to give awesome lessons that pertain directly to the investigators needs, in Spanish! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with these awesome Elders! And I'd like to give a shout out to Hermano Soto! He was our teacher for 5 weeks and was the coolest guy I have ever met! He has taught me so much and he is definitely a role model for me! Even though we are working all day that doesn't mean we cant have some fun;)
-Elder Odland's District and Hermano Soto (teacher)
It was hard saying goodbye to all of my wonderful teachers and friends, but I am off on a new adventure! I cannot wait to help as many people as I can in Missouri! And I know the Lord will be right by my side assisting me with each and everything I do.
I am so thankful to be a missionary and I know this experience will help many people and develop me into a better man.
If any of you are wondering if you should go on a mission... I would say, it has been one of the best decisions I've made. I have learned so much and that feeling you get when you help others and serve your heavenly father is like no other :D. So I would say, have faith and GO:)

At this time tomorrow, I will be in Missouri! Its hard to believe, but its happening:) but I am ready to help some of God's wonderful children. Here I come Missouri!:D
¡Adios! For the last time in Mexico!

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