Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Mission has been the BEST Two Years of My Life.

Farewell Fiesta with The Andrade Family

Sometimes the motions get you caught up and you find yourself going
from activity to activity not realizing the time that has been passing
We laugh, we work, we play, we even sometimes have pain, 
but at the end of each day we always come away learning something. 
But how often do we realize and take note of that thing we have learned? 
More times than naught we find ourselves in a stagnate pool waiting for
something to happen when in reality if we would just start swimming
we could reach a whole new part of our life. 
Being a missionary has taught me how to swim. 

If you know many things about missionaries that may

sound very contradictory, but entertain the analogy. :) 
The past two years I have experienced the effect of pushing myself to reach the

next step. There are many times that I have failed, but each time I
have had loving peers that have helped me get back up and keep me going on my path. 
Without Faith or Hope I have no idea where I would be. 
I have been able to accomplish so many things that I wasn't sure I
would be able to. And It all has happened so fast... As I checked the
mail this week and opened a letter addressed to me, I found myself
holding a flight itinerary and a letter explaining my departure.
Things become a lot more real when you are holding a piece of paper in
your hands that show the time you will see your family again.

The end will come as it is inevitable, but I will always remember all
of the sweet and special moments I have had on my mission. 
And some of those happened just this last week! 
I'll give you a little rundown!

After Natalie and Dwane were baptized last week they began preparing
to go to the temple to do Baptisms for those that have passed on. We
had the awesome privilege to go with them and see them do the baptisms
and confirmations. Also I was able to be the proxy for 5 people and
that was the first time I had been completely submerged in water in 2
years... crazy huh! Haha  :). 
It was an awesome experience though and
I'm so glad we were able to go!

There also was a big temple day this week. Mac from one of my last
areas was taking out his Endowments and Tony, from one of my last areas
was too! There were so many people from the Raytown Ward
there at that endowment session. It was so great to see so many
buddies again. Even Patrick Murphy was there! It was definitely a
special day to be a part of!

Also this week we had another sweet dinner with the Andrade's at a
Mexican Restaurant called Ted's. It's probably one of the best in
Missouri! And they somehow convinced the people that it was my
birthday and so they put a nice sombrero on my head and sung to me!  :D
 It was so great to see them again and we had a blast! 
Love you Andrade Family!

This week went by super fast and I'm sure this next week will also. 
Get ready world because you've only got a week and a half to prepare for
John Odland haha:)

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep on loving life!
with Love, Elder Odland

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