Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Always Remember and Ask Yourself, Who are You Living For.....Live For Christ

This week was definitely one for the books!

A 4th of July BBQ at the Cooley's home was a blast! 
They made these things called Senora Dogs, which are
basically hot dogs wrapped in bacon and you put every imaginable topping on them  haha. 
They were amazing. We then got to watch the family set off a few fireworks
and then we drove home in what seemed to be a war zone haha. 
I have never seen so many fireworks going off
all around me in my life! It was definitely a fun night!

This week we had a half mission conference to get to know our new Mission President and his wife and establish some expectations. It was great! Just the day before we had
our first MLC with President Love and it was an awesome experience.
President Love truly lives up to his name haha. 
He and his wife will be a great benefit to this mission and to the missionaries serving here. 
After the half mission conference, we got to feast on some
awesome cookies and visit with each other for a little bit! 
There were some of my past companions there and its always a blast seeing those
good guys! All of our Zone wore red to the conference and so we got a
sweet picture outside the temple with everyone. 
There are some awesome missionaries out here. 
Stellar examples and amazing friends. 
One of my favorite parts about the mission is getting to meet these amazing
servants of the Lord.
The Incredible Liberty Zone

Natalie and Dwane's BIG day arrived on Saturday! 
When 1:30 rolled around we were able to have a wonderful baptismal service for Natalie and Dwane.
They were so excited to be baptized and take this next step! 
The youth organization got both of them brand new scriptures with their names on them. 
Dwane was literally so happy he didn't know what to do.
Seeing the joy on their faces is something that I'll never forget.
Being a part of these important steps of these important people's lives is one of the best parts
of being a missionary. 
The Lord truly led us to knock on their door when the time was right
and He helped them gain a testimony of the reality of the gospel. Their journey has
been great so far and does not end there. ETTE. Endure to the End!

I could probably stop there and that would sound like an amazing week,
but there is more! 
On Sunday they were confirmed members of the church
and received The Gift of The Holy Ghost. And after being interviewed
and sustained, Dwane asked me to ordain him to the office of a priest!
So I had the honor to confer upon him the Aaronic Priesthood and
ordain him to the office of a priest. It was an awesome experience!
Natalie and Dwane both are progressing so well in the gospel and have such pure hearts. 
And as if things couldn't get better, Elder Reber
and I will be able to go to the temple with them this Wednesday to do baptisms!

Heavenly Father is continually blessing his children and we all play a
small part to bring those blessings to them. 
Keep loving and living life, but always remember and ask yourself, who are you living it for?

Have an amazing week and I know this week is going to be another week
for the books so be prepared for another lengthy email haha. 
Love you all!
Elder Odland
 MLC with President and Sister Love

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