Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It Just Makes Me Feel So Happy!

Elder Odland and Donna
This past week we were able to volunteer at an old folks home and help them play bingo! 
It is fun to see them get excited and have a great time!
I helped this lady named Donna. She was super nice and won 6 times!!!
She was on fire!  :-D
I got a few pictures with her and her winnings!
It was funny, as I asked her if I could take a picture of us, she was like,
"Oh sonny, I dunno... I used to look young and beautiful like you!"  
 ....and as she is saying this she is caressing my chin.  :-D  
We got a picture right after she rubbed my chin and you can see
we were both just having a great time!
I love serving people in retirement homes!
They are so nice and I really want to volunteer and help people like them when I go home! 
It just makes me feel so happy.

I love and miss you guys a bunch!!
Have an amazing week!  :)

Love, Your Elder Odland

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