Saturday, July 30, 2016

Golden Nuggets

There's a Storm a brewin!
Look just above Elder Hinrichsen's head....

WHOA!!   Did you see that lightning!!

This week we were especially blessed. We got to hear from Elder Neil L. Anderson  from the Quorum of the twelve apostles!
He came to our mission last Monday and gave us guidance on what we needed.
I really like how he began by asking us what we wanted to learn and then
wrote down a list as we replied.

He said, "I don't want to give you anything that you don't want,
so tell me what you want to learn today."

There were many topics that were addressed but I would like to
mention a few that stood out to me!
I loved a point he made about
how the Book of Mormon  contains the power of conversion.
It really helped me understand the importance
of the Book of Mormon
and why we invite the people we teach to read it.
I love how no one needs to take my word for it...they can themselves ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true...and then KNOW for themselves.
I always love going back to the Book of Mormon.
It's where I gained my testimony and as I read it my testimony of it always GROWS.
Another thing I really liked that he talked about was that there are thousands of people in our mission that are prepared to hear and accept the gospel and it is our duty to find and teach them about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
It gave me a little more hope, knowing that even though it is hard to find people who will listen, that there are people out there waiting to hear our message....and as I approach my one year mark, I want to try to hold on to as much HOPE as I can.
HOPE that I can share the joys of knowing Christ with as many people
as I am able.
HOPE is what keeps us going, in missionary work and in life.
Elder Anderson is an awesome man and his wife bore a great testimony of her husbands calling as an Apostle and how he truly does receive revelation for the people he addresses, and
specifically us, the missionaries of the Missouri Independence Mission.

It was an awesome Conference.
I wish I could have recorded it and then just listen to it over and over again
not to miss any golden nugget.
I am so thankful that he was able to come here and give us the guidance
that we needed.
It will truly help me be a better missionary.

The work here in Olathe is going well!
We are working with multiple Hispanics that are preparing for baptism.
I love being able to teach Hispanics.
They are always so kind to us.
They are such hard workers and are just trying to take care of their families.

Family is so important and I love it when I am able to see families grow together and become more unified.
That's one huge blessing of the gospel.

It's awesome being a missionary.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep on loving life!

Love - Elder Odland

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