Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Miracle Filled Saturday

Helping the sisters at a Relief Society Activity

I read this really great talk by Elder Holland called
“The Inconvenient Messiah”.
It really helped me understand how to overcome temptation and do what Heavenly Father wants us to do. He talked about how life today is so convenient making it is easy to do wrong. But looking at the Savior’s life, he never took the convenient way. He always chose the right path which most of the time was inconvenient. In our lives we need to choose the inconvenient path and follow our Heavenly Father in every aspect. This reminds me of a quote from President Thomas S. Monson from last conference, "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong."      

Everything that happens in our life is dependent upon our choices.
I hope that I can always remember the importance of that and keep making the best decisions I can possibly make in my life. :).

We had a miracle filled Saturday!

We had a lot of reports to finish so we were doing those all morning. Then out of nowhere Sergio calls! He tells us how the case against him was dismissed and that he is now out of the hospital! He told us how he had been beaten up by some bad guys and was so injured he was hospitalized for a few days. But he is now recovering well and the hospital has released him, and he is on track to come back to Kansas this week! It'll be so awesome! So that instantly made me happy and gave me the strength to finish the reports that we had.
After we finish the reports and went to go visit Bro Roman, who just got out of the hospital after having surgery on his leg. We took him some mandarin oranges, his favorite snack. We were glad to see he was doing well and we enjoyed our visit with him.
He expressed how thankful he was that we stopped by.
Later that night we received a text from his wife asking if we could come over and give Brother Roman a blessing. We were a bit puzzled at first because he was doing so well when we saw him earlier that day. We headed right over and saw Brother Roman was laying in his bed wheezing and could barely move his body. So we give him a priesthood blessing as he lay there shaking and trembling. Within minutes he opened his eyes and reached out his hand to Elder Hinrichsen. With his help Bro Roman sat up and asked for some water. We felt inspired to feed him something. So we offered him small bites of Mac n Cheese. He let us feed him a spoon full, and he just started going, "Mmmmmm" as if it tasted super good! :) We continued to feed him since he could barely lift his own arms. He then continued to gain more and more consciousness and was able to speak a little better.
It was amazing to see the drastic change after giving him a blessing.
His wife was so scared. She had never seen him this sick before. She was very grateful for our help and that we were available to come when she called.

I love experiences like these.
These miracles are what keep me going and why I am out here serving a mission. I love being able to be a tool for our Heavenly Father to help his children.
The priesthood is real and it is here today….just as it was when Jesus was on the earth. It is our duty to bring that priesthood power to the people and use it to bless the lives of others. My testimony of my purpose and the priesthood have grown so much this week. How thankful I am for this great blessing.

Love, Elder Odland

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