Monday, June 5, 2017

It has been Fun to Grow and Learn True Joy! AND a Special Thank you and Farewell to President and Sister Vest

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week
because I know I am ...and as missionaries we have our pday!:) 
It's funny, after you have been on your mission for a considerable amount of time
you find more consistent joy in your normal days than you do pday... Don't get
me wrong I love emailing my friends and family and playing a good game of bball. 
BUT.....what can compare to simply helping others all day? 
Not much really.
It has been fun to grow and learn how to experience True Joy!

This was another banner week! We had some great lessons with some of
our investigators, had zone conference, did some service for some members... 
ahhhh it was GREAT!

Let's start with Zone Conference!

This Zone Conference was the last one with President Vest as my
mission president... That is a hard thing to grasp for me as he has
been my mission president since I started my mission. Envisioning the
mission without him is pretty hard... But I know that President Love
will come in with a burning desire and really give this mission what
it needs. President Vest and Sister Vest went through their experience
as they were called to lead this mission and it is amazing how they
are prepared to come lead a mission. And the craziest thing, President
Vest only got to sit down with the previous mission president for
about 2 hours before everything was turned over to President Vest...
Sounds a bit daunting huh!? I know I would be just a tad nervous! 
The Vests have such great testimonies
and it has been the best experience to rub shoulders with President Vest so much
during my mission and especially this past year. 
He truly does care about each missionary so much and is willing to do so much for each of us. 
I was tired after our 6 hour Zone Conference... but he has to do 4 of them back to back
across the mission!! 
He has led by such a great example for me and I
hope to model many things in my life after him. 
Thanks President and Sister Vest!  :D 

Ever felt like you were going through something that was very
difficult? Or that you are facing something difficult in the future? 
We will all face difficult trials in our lives. 
Always remember...

"For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us
a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2
 Corinthians 4:17

God has all intention to bless us. 
He works in His time, His way and by His power. 
Simply trust that God is there and is teaching you with every step of your life. 
Each step sheds new light on the staircase leading to eternal life. 
He wants us to have the blessings that He has, just as every father would. 
Always remember that He loves you!

I am blessed to be a missionary at this time and I'm soaking up every
minute of it. I hope you enjoy some of my little experiences and
things that I have learned. You all have a wonderful week and think;
Who are you going to bless this week?:)

Love, Elder Odland

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