Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Tribute to President and Sister Vest....Thank You so much.

My mission president, President Vest and his wife, Sister Vest 
have done so much for me on my mission 
and am so glad I was able to serve with them
for almost my entire mission. 

President Vest has taught me so much about leadership
 and being submissive to Heavenly Father. He has helped me learn so many principles that I know will help me throughout my whole life. 
Both President and Sister Vest have helped me overcome some of my trials during my mission and I hope that I can help others 
in a similar way as they have helped me.

President and Sister Vest have sacrificed so much to serve here in 
The Missouri Independence Mission. 
I am grateful for all they have done.
 As they soon leave to return home and as I prepare to head home next month, I want to give them a big heartfelt THANK YOU. 
You have changed my life. 

with Love, Elder Odland

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