Monday, February 13, 2017

I was Transferred to Liberty! I am SO Blessed.

My New companion...Elder Anderson from California

So we had transfers this week, anddddd I definitely wasn't planning on
being transferred buuttt I was transferred! 
I am now serving in the North Kansas City ward up in Liberty, MO! 
So I basically moved 20 minutes north. 
But now I am really close to the Historic Liberty Jail! 
I am definitely so blessed! 
I got to serve near the Independence Visitor Center and now the Liberty Jail! 
And also the Kansas City Temple is in my new area! 
How cool is that! 
Also my new companion is Elder Anderson from Northern California! 
He has been out for about 10 1/2 months now:). He is a really nice guy and we get along really well! 
This transfer will definitely be a good one!:) 
Saying Good-bye
Elders Blake and Odland  ...  Sisters Crocket and Wilkey

I also got to see some awesome friends at transfers and had to see some of the coolest
people I've met on the mission, go home  :(. 
It's so weird to see them go, but I guess life moves on for each of us. 
You will be missed in the M.I.M! 
And these sisters that are going home came out at the same time
as I did... so that's just a little weird to think about haha :p 

I've gotta make the best out of these last 6 months that are in front of me!

I will miss you Murphy
and I'll miss Gary

and I'll miss the Johnston Family

and I'll miss Josh

and I'll miss Pres Cato
and ALL the many wonderful people I have met over the past few months.
I wish I could have gotten pictures of each and every one of you.

The first few days here have been really good! 
We got to visit a lot of members and I feel very welcome here! There are so many nice
members here and there is a medical school right here in our ward. 
So there are a ton of college age people! Especially young families, I
don't think I have seen so many little kids at church in my life
hahaha  ;p

We met this sweet part member family this week, the missionaries have
worked with them in the past but we are going to be working with them
a lot more! And we have plans to go to the visitor center with them this
week! There is so much potential in this area. I love it!

Sunday night a member was in the hospital so we went down with another
member to give her a blessing. We were able to find the place just
fine and give her a blessing that she really appreciated. But then as
we were walking out that's when the interesting stuff happened haha.
Right when we get to the exit door there is this guy that security is telling to leave and he is 
just cussing them out as he leaves. 
So we are like okay we will wait inside for a minute while that guy leaves and cools off. 
And I then start talking to this guy that is chilling in
there and I go to give him a picture of Christ and he says, "I've got that, That's me." 
As he shows me a necklace that says Christ on it. 
And then he hands the picture back to me. But then I handed it back to him
showing him the back side that had the Articles of Faith on it and
invited him to read some of it. He was then like, "I wrote this." Haha
so that's when we thought it was time to leave! 
As we were leaving, the guy that was cussing the cops out started looking at us and started
cussing us out... so we took a little short cut back to our car
through some grass and scenery so we didn't have to cross his path. 
And in the end we got out safe and sound hahah;p 
Truman hospital is a pretty interesting place! It's like smack in the middle of Kansas City,
so that's why it's a little knarly!

But things here are going great! Liberty is a great place to be and we
have some awesome plans for today! We are going to go to Kansas City
Joes BBQ with the whole zone and then go to Union Station and the WW1 Museum!
It's gonna be saweeeeet! 
Hope you are all having a great Monday! 
Love you all and
Talk to ya again soon!

- Elder Odland

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