Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coronas and Karaoke are Hispanics best friends!! .... until they find the Gospel

Elder Blake and Elder Odland
We found these faces at the store....Sometimes Missionary work can feel just like this!!

General conference will be awesome! I can’t wait. 
It’s hard to think that it is already here! 
I feel like it was just a month ago when I last watched it. 
I hope some of our investigators will be able to
come and watch it   :).

I am enjoying missionary work SO much.
We are having a blast getting so much work done.
I love it.

This week was sweet!!
We had something amazing happen! Way back in Kaw River, Elder Bagley and I taught this boy named Logan. We taught him for almost my whole time there and then he moved to Olathe. I was soon called to serve in Lee's Summit for the summer and Logan went up to Michigan to visit his grandma. Then I got transferred to Olathe and when Logan returned from his grandma's and moved in with his mom in Olathe. I was excited he was back in my area and that we were able to continue to teach him and he progressed really well! There was so much change in him since the time I first taught him and he has such a better understanding now! Then Elder Hinrichsen and I taught him for a while and then Elder Blake and I taught him. Then last week he moved up with his Dad in Lenexa. So we had the missionaries up there finish the last lesson with him and
then Logan was baptized on Saturday!! :D
It was so awesome to see Logan take that next step in his life! And he has a big fear of water, so it was sweet to see him overcome that and get into the water! Then with the help of his grandpa he was baptized. And right after he came out of the water he just kind of giggled
and seemed so happy :). I love seeing the happiness that comes from people making these steps in their lives.
Even if they are terrified of the Water!
Logan is a trooper and he overcame his fear out of his sincere desire to be baptized. I hope he continues to grow in his testimony and enjoys the Lenexa Ward! And who knows maybe I will be Transferred to Lenexa one day :D

We have been having some great lessons with Ever this week and he is right on his way to be baptized on the 8th of October! He is excited for it and one of his friends will be flying up from Utah for it. Ever is such a great kid and just wants to do what is right. And I believe that him taking this next step will be an awesome example for his twin brother and family. 
They are such a great family too!

I LOVE all of the miracles that have been coming our way here in Olathe! 

We were able to give Tammy a blessing this week as well.
She has been going through a really rough time with her health but we gave her a wonderful blessing that she was very thankful for and we had the opportunity to testify of the priesthood and the power it contains. I really hope we are able to meet with her more consistently, because I know that she is ready to act on the truths of the gospel that we have shared with her.

On a tad less spiritual note, on Saturday I parked the car and got out to get the mail and as I was walking back to the car I heard this crash noise so I looked up from the mail I was holding and I see that this mini van had just backed up into our car.... So now we have a nice scratch on the back fender of our car and with church cars you have to write all of these reports if you are in an accident, so then we went and wrote a paper report and then an online report for a few hours... :D and now we will try to get everything all situated and repaired :)

On Sunday evening we went out to teach this guy. We knocked on his door 3 times and no one answered so we started walking back to our car. Then we looked up to the apartment and a guy was walking into the apartment. And we are like, "Oh he's home now, lets go get him!" So we got out of the car and knocked on the door and the guy opens the door and it is actually the friend of the guy we were to visit. I'm not sure what his name is haha, so we will call him Juan :p. So Juan lets us in and starts speaking a million miles an hour in Spanish about how he didn't read a whole lot in the Book of Mormon yet and then he sits down and starts reading a random part in the Book of Mormon and then looks at us and asks, "What does this mean??" So I'm just looking at Elder Blake like, "This guy is so drunk." And so our team-up tries to explain what he just read and then he is like, "okay"... and then flips to another page and reads a random verse again. So this went on and on for a little bit... then he ranted about how rum is made! Then he stopped talking for a moment and said, "Well you drink your Sodas, I'm gonna grab another beer!" And he gets up to go to the kitchen and I look at the member who was with us and he says, "Time to go?" "YUP!", I agreed. It was definitely time to go! Can’t teach anyone in that state. So we just stood up as he was talking and made our way to his door as he is continuing to ask us about random things in the Book of Mormon with no intent of learning anything.

We ended up getting out safe and sound :D   ….and as we left we noticed there was a big fiesta going on in the apartment next to the one we were in, and random people kept coming inside and
using Juan's bathroom!!

Coronas and Karaoke are Hispanics best friends!!
.... until they find the Gospel  :D.

So we had a pretty good week! Today we are going to try to get our insurance thing figured out with our car and then
have a great p-day :D.

I cant believe it is almost October again!
Then I'll be 20!
I'll be an old man!! ….well sort of  :D

I love and miss you guys bunches!! I send my kisses and hugs! 
I hope you and Pappa have a wonderful week! :D

Love, Your Elder Odland

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