Wednesday, March 9, 2016


We had this funny happening with our bishop during elders
quorum meeting last week.
It began the day before when we had a baptism and 
it was just the bishop, me and
Elder Duerksen left in the building after everyone had gone home.
As we were leaving the bishop came out to lock the door
and saw Elder Duerksen backing me out of the parking spot... even though
there wasn't a single car in the parking lot!   :-D
 Everyone thought it was hilarious ... but then the bishop went on to say
that we were being obedient even when no one was around and 
no-one was watching.
He then gave a little talk about how we all need to be obedient 
even when no one is watching.
It was pretty cool    :)
It really was a little funny to have to be backed out even 
when there was nothing near me,
but it's the rule... so we do it   :D

I have come to realize rules are not made to restrict us...but to make our lives easier and to keep us safe.  :)

 With Love
- Elder Odland

Elder Odland contemplating his new calling as District Leader as he packs to move
to his new area in Lee's Summit, Missouri. 

So this week was interesting.
 It was Tuesday evening and we were having dinner with the Toraya Family and
I hear our phone vibrating in Elder Duerksen's pocket.
Caller ID says it's the Zone Leaders, I then said "Alright we will get that right after dinner."
So we finish dinner and we hopped back in our car and I play the voice mails.
It said we had 2 and I thought they were both from the Zone Leaders!
 The first was the Zone Leaders with some information on how transfers
will work this month, which was great.
 Then the next voice mail plays and it is President Vest saying, 
"Elder Odland, please call me back
I need to speak with you."
I was like uh oh... Haha. ....because President Vest rarely calls you personally... So I called him back right then and he asks if the phone is on speaker, which it was, and he asked me to take it off speaker phone. 
Then he proceeded to tell me,
"Elder Odland, The lord has called you to serve as a District Leader.
Will you accept this calling?"
I didn't really know what to say or think haha.
I said, "Definitely,... Thank you President!"
Then he tells me that I will find out where I will be serving in a few days.. and we ended the call. Then Elder Duerksen is just looking at me like, 
"What happened??"
 I told him the news and he was really excited for me, though a bit sad to know he will be getting a new companion. You always start to get in the groove of things with your new companion right about 6 weeks in!   haha :D
 But it's okay, He will do fine in Kaw River!

So now I am the new District Leader of Lee's Summit!   :D

Oh, Elder Bagley was called as a District Leader in his new area as well!
Like father like son!
(Okay so in the mission field, the missionary that trains you is called your dad.
And if you train a missionary, he is your son.
So Elder Bagley is my dad and Duerksen is my son  :D   haha   
It's kinda funny  :)

So on Thursday we had transfers!
It was a little sad having to pack all of my stuff and say goodbye to Kaw River... But I survived and we made it to transfers in Independence.
There we met Elder Call who will continue training Elder Duerksen
and I met my new companion, Elder Brinkerhoff.
We got my luggage and put it in the car and headed off to Lee's Summit.
My new ward I am in is Lee's Summit 2nd Ward.
After dropping my bags at my new apartment we went to lunch with another group of missionaries that live right across the street.
I look forward to getting to know my new companion
and getting to work in my new area of Lee's Summit.

Sunday was great!
I always love Fast and Testimony meeting.
I enjoyed baring my testimony in my new ward  :)   the people here are great.
I honestly love going to church and having the opportunity to worship God and renew our covenants as we partake of the Sacrament .
I love all of the wonderful things I learn and I feel the Spirit of the Lord so strongly.
I am truly thankful to belong to The Church of
Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints.
The restored church that Jesus himself organized during His life on earth.

With Love,

Elder Odland

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