Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Called to be Zone Leader

from left to right...Elder Roberts (trained by Elder Bagley),     Newly called Zone Leader...Elder Odland ,     Elder Bagley, and  Elder Odland's New Companion Elder Hinrichson

Thursday we had Transfers!
Now before I talk about what happened, I'm going to go back to Tuesday!  :p
Tuesday is the day that President Vest does leadership calls.
So we were busy doing our normal thing and were about to get on our bikes
to go to an appointment.
It was then that I heard Elder Fallon answer the phone... and then I hear him say,
"Yeaup, my companion is right here!"
and comes over and hands me the phone.
At this point I'm like, uh ohhhhh :-D.
So I take the phone and I see that it's President Vest... So I answer and
he proceeds to extend the calling to serve as a Zone Leader!
....And of course I accept and thank him.
At that moment I knew I was leaving Lee's Summit!!
Mixed emotions rushed over me.
It was sad because I was really enjoying the sweet people of Lee's Summit
and my great companion, Elder Fallon.
But I know we have to move on sometime.
I am excited to begin my new calling as Zone Leader and
pray for the Lord's help to do a good job.

So Wednesday we visited some of the sweet members I have come to know
and I said my good-byes.

And then Thursday we went to transfers!
I am now serving in......

The Olathe, Kansas 1st Ward as a Zone Leader
with my new companion, Elder Hinrichson!

He is an awesome Elder! He is eager to learn and to serve and 
he is super funny.
 I think we will get along really well!

My first day in the area went well! We had to do a lot of logistical work.
We sorted out the miles driven for each of the 13 companionships in the zone.
 This took some time!!  :-D
 We also visited a few of the members and met the ward mission leader.
My second day in the area we helped a family move! We emptied one of those huge U-haul trucks. I actually really enjoyed it. It was nice to do some 
manual labor that didn't
take much thinking!  :-D   and it was a good workout!

 It has been a little stressful with this transfer since there is a big transition
of responsibilities that I now have.
But I'm doing good.  :-D
And one of the greatest things about this new area, is 
that 80% of the work that is done here is Spanish! 
And ... I have a Spanish speaking companion! 
So that will help me out a lot in learning more Spanish. It has been a bit difficult because I am really rusty after being in a mostly English speaking area for the past couple of months.
But I will keep working hard at it and give it my best!  :-)

On Saturday we had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) but this one was a special one.
We were blessed with a visit from a general authority....
President Suarez (president of the Seventy).
 MLC is a meeting where the Zone Leaders and sister Training Leaders are trained onthings that the mission needs to do or change.
We then bring those trainings to the Zone at a Zone training, which is kind of like a big District meeting! So I had an awesome time hearing President Suarez and he gave some awesome advice and trainings! And now on Tuesday we will have Zone Training!
So it should be super sweet!
I'm hoping and praying I do well.

As a District Leader, I only had 6 missionaries to train, 
now I have 26 missionaries!  :-0

At church, on Sunday, I met the Ward Mission Leader and 
what a great man he is.
He is so on top of things and so willing to spread the gospel ... it's amazing!
I had a warm welcome from the ward and 
I am excited to be here in Olathe, Kansas.

Adios with much Love,

Elder Odland
Being treated to Buffalo Wild Wings and Saying Good-bye to Elder Fallon
                           It's the WINGS that give me this smile....not saying good-buy!   :-D

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