Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Power from Heaven

One of the interesting happenings of this week was
a lesson appointment we had with a potential investigator named Eric.
Upon our first meeting, which was at his home, Eric expressed his desire to change to a later time and for the location to be at a nearby restaurant.
We agreed and eagerly arrived at the restaurant a little early 
and waited patiently.
We soon saw him come in and he came over and greeted us.
As we shook his hand we saw another guy ...wearing a shirt and tie, 
holding a bible and a bunch of papers, also enter... 
In my mind I was thinking.... greatttttt! 
....For at that moment I knew that we were about to get bible bashed!
At first they were nice and let us talk for a little 
while as Gary, Eric's friend, took notes.
Once he had sufficient notes he began to try to disprove each point we taught.
Everything he was saying was so wrong and he 
contradicted himself numerous times.
It all just made me realize how much more solid our church is.  :D    
So while he was giving his spiel, I sat there with all my sincere confidence 
just looking him in the eye.
When he finished we bore testimony of the true Church of Jesus Christ 
and then ended the conversation.
People like that are always looking for contention.... and contention drives away the Spirit. 
And we didn't want anything to do with that kind of situation.
But it was kinda funny, before we went into the restaurant,
we were sitting in the car and I just had this feeling and I told Elder Bagley,
"We are about to get roasted in there... I just know it."
I wasn't exactly sure what was about to happen but I knew it was something the Lord was giving me a warning of preparation for... :-D
.... so I was mentally prepared for the barrage. 
Elder Bagley was a little distraught afterwards 
but he recovered and we are fine.  :-)  
It is something unfortunate that every missionary has to go through
a couple times during their mission.

On a fun note..... Thursday we had the privilege to go to a retirement home
and sing hymns for all the sweet people who live there!
It was awesome!
Our piano player didn't show up so we decided just to sing a cappella.
Our singing wasn't too shabby and the seniors loved it!
There was one lady, named Faith, who was singing along with each song  :).
It was so much fun.
After we sang a few songs they wanted to know a little bit about each of us.
So each missionary told where they were from and 
what they enjoy most about serving.
When it was my turn they were all so surprised that I was from Maine
 and they were all wondering what I was doing way down in Kansas!  haha  :).
They were all so nice and so interested in what we do.
After we all introduced ourselves we sang some more songs before finishing up.
They were so grateful and enjoyed it so very much.
 It warmed my heart to bring a smile to so many faces   :-) 
 We then went around and met each senior individually 
and talked with them for a little while. 
It was a great experience!
They can't wait until we come back again...and neither can I.

Last week Elder Bagley and I gave a blessing to a member's baby girl
who has been sick for a little over a month.
And we just found out today that her baby is finally sleeping well 
and is getting better!
I love being able to exercise the Priesthood and help people in any way I can!

I am thankful for my testimony of the Lord's true gospel
and I am truly thankful for this wonderful
opportunity I have to do the Lord's work and testify of Christ...

The Savior of the whole world.

My 3rd pair of shoes!
Hope these last longer than the others!!
How do you like my snazzy new suit from Elder Bagley?
He said I needed a new color.  :-)

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