Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun in Kaw River

Hola Mi amigos! 
¿Como están? 
Aquí en Kaw River la obra fue muy bien. Aprendo más cada día y este es nuevo experiencias cada día también. La mejor parte de la semana fue cuando vamos a la visitor Center con nuestro investigador Logan. El fue muy feliz estar ahí. El es progresando bien, pero él es todavía asustado. Pero, trabajaremos en eso:).

Hey there everyone!
So Kaw River is going great! We had transfers last Thursday and..... I'm staying in Kaw River with this awesome companion! 

(Elder Bagley is a great companion, and look at this awesome tile wall we found!)

I am super happy that I will serve at least one more transfer(6 weeks) in Kaw River! 
The people here are great and so many interesting things happen here haha. 
I love it! 

A cool thing that we did this week was take our investigator Logan to the Visitor Center in Independence! We went on Sunday after church and it was a great day to go since our mission president was having a devotional there. Logan's family came with us as well, and they all enjoyed the devotional. I thought it was awesome! There were many recent converts that bore their sweet testimonies. It was so neat to hear their stories about how the church has helped them in their lives. 
I am so thankful for the gospel and how much it has blessed me and my family. I hope Logan was able to see how much the church makes a different in someone's life. After the devotional, Logan and I went and watched a few videos about Moroni and the gold plates and about the stripling warriors. He loves everything he learns but he is still afraid of water and is therefore hesitant about baptism. If you could keep him in your prayers so that he can overcome his fear that would be great. He is a super nice kid and it is awesome to see him progress! 

We have been teaching our recent convert, Araceli, the new member lessons and she is doing great! It's so awesome to see her keep making progress!

So as we all know this week was Halloween! We weren't able to tract after dark so we did weekly planning on Saturday instead of the normal Thursday. It began as a normal day but after we got home for the night.....We put on our Halloween glasses and colored these storm trooper helmets that helped get us in the spirit of Halloween... and Star Wars! :-D     It was a fun night.
Thank you to everyone who sent us Halloween Fun.

They didn't quite fit!!

 We work hard each day and let the Lord guide us and pray he will take us to people who are prepared to hear His word. 

This Sunday we had a stake wide fast for missionary opportunities. We handed out a Book of Mormon to every family at church and challenged them to give it to someone and share the gospel with them. I thought this was such a great idea!
I know that when we act in faith and tell someone about the gospel it can truly effect their life! There is this sweet "Mormon Message" on called "Sharing Your Beliefs".
I challenge all of you to watch it and find someway you can share the gospel this week!
I know it will bless you and the person you talk with. And... Missionary work is fun!
Don't be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone, because that is where all the good stuff is. :D

I hope you all have a great week!
¡Tenga un muy bien semana y no olvidan compartir el evangelio con su amigos!
Have a great week and don't forget to share the gospel with your friends.
Until next week!
            - Elder Odland

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