Sunday, October 25, 2015

Birthday in the Mission Field

Happy 19th Birthday Elder Odland
25 Oct 2015
at The Kaw River Ward
Elder Odland with Brother and Sister Elliot

Elder Odland with Brother and Sister Zamora

Hola Mi amigos!

Este semana fue muy bien! La mejor parte de la semana fue cuando
encontramos un nuevo familia enseñar! Este familia es Navajo! Ellos
son muy interesado y ellos quieren aprender más sobre el evangelio.
Encontrado este familia fue un bendición para me. Estoy muy feliz
cuando encontramos un nuevo investigadores! Y también ayer fue mi
cumpleaños!! Mi primero cumpleaños en la misión! Lo fue muy divertido
y muchos miembros mi dan Cupcakes!:D Todo aquí son muy amable! Yo
siento mucho felicidad por me especial día!:)


Hello My Friends,
This week went very well! The best part of the week was when
we found a new family to teach! This family is Navajo! They
are very interested and want to learn more about the Gospel.
Finding this family was a blessing for me. I am very happy
when we find new investigators! And yesterday was my
birthday! My first birthday in the mission field! It was very fun
and some members in my ward gave me Cupcakes!: D
Everyone here are all very friendly!
I felt great happiness on my special day.

This week has been awesome!
We had many lessons and we work as hard as we can each day.
I really want to focus on telling you about two miracles that happened this week.

The first was while I was planning our day I was impressed that we should visit a former investigator named Hana. So we went over to her house and she invited us right in!
We got to talk with her nice family! She has 3 kids and her father is living with her for now. We were able to teach her three times this week, which usually never happens! People are usually so busy. But she is super interested in the gospel and the spirit was so strong in each of our lessons. At the end of the last lesson we had with her, she offered the closing prayer. In her prayer she asked God if the things we were talking about were true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet.
It was so awesome to see her pray for that right in front of everyone at the lesson.
I hope that she begins to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it also. I really feel that she is ready to receive the gospel in her life. We will keep teaching her and I will share those experiences as they happen:)..... But being able to find Hana was such a blessing and an answer to prayer since we really wanted to find some new solid investigators that are ready to hear our message, and the lord put Hana in our path! 
He works in mysterious ways and he is always watching over us:).

The second miracle may not sound like a miracle but it was for Elder Bagley and I:).
Yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator named Logan.
And usually it is really hard for him to focus and we try our best to talk about things he is interested in to help him stay focused.
When we went there this time, we began talking to them for a bit to see how their day
was and while we were talking to Logan's sister, Logan interrupted and said, 
"Could we read 1 Nephi Chapter 2?"

Elder Bagley and I were stoked to hear that!

Most of our investigators have had such a hard time with reading and finding that desire to read. So when Logan showed that desire to us, we were just so happy!

After we read 1 Nephi Chapter 2 we asked him to give a bit of a summery for us. He then, to our surprise, told us what happened in the scripture and didn't miss a single point! 
It was amazing! He retained so much!
He's basically better than me already! :p

We then shared the Mormon message: "A Secure Anchor".
It's a super good video that really shows the importance of having the Gospel in our lives to guide us as we go through difficult trials and challenges.

I'd like to ask all of you to look up this video and watch
it and focus on how the Savior is there to help us in our lives.

                                                "A Secure Anchor"

Something else that happened yesterday was ....My Birthday! :D
It was kind of a weird experience to have my birthday on my mission since it's
just a normal day... haha, the work doesn't stop. But some members were
very sweet and made me some cupcakes and a cake! And they also sang
Happy Birthday to me during priesthood meeting at church:). The people
here are so loving and I am so grateful to be in the Kaw River ward!

I am so thankful for all the birthday wishes I have received and I am so thankful for my loving family and friends! You are the best! :D

Until next week! ¡Tenga un buen semana!
- Elder Odland

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